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What do clients say about Healthy Herts Nutritional Therapy?  

I am fortunate to work with some lovely and very dedicated clients on improving their nutrition habits who work extremely hard to reach their health and fitness goals. These are some words from them regards working with me as a Nutritional Therapist on everything from losing weight to special diets to plain getting their mojo back!

Lower blood pressure, weight loss

‘Lower blood pressure, lower stress, feel better… everything I asked for… and helped reduce my weight. Happy to recommend to all my friends.’

DH, Letchworth, July 2019

More energy

”Sarah is a very knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist, and has the patience of a saint! She’s been a massive help to me, as I have been backwards and forwards to the hospital for the past year for several different reasons. However, the main reason that I’m still able to work and go about my daily activities with virtually no trouble, is because of Sarah’s help and guidance. Sarah’s personalised nutrition plans have been a great help to me, the supplements and recommended diet changes have really helped boost my activity levels, as I’d been struggling with fatigue and extreme tiredness. She recommends tasty recipes to try, as I’ve always been a bit of a veggie dodger! My favourite bit of advice from Sarah was to switch to coconut oil for cooking, it adds so much flavour to my veggies when roasting! 

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth, and I wanted to combat my fatigue. With Sarah’s help I am now more healthily, eating a variety of veggies and smaller meals that I actually enjoy eating to give me a slow release of energy throughout the day. I honestly cannot recommend Sarah enough to people.” 

DP, Letchworth, April 2019


Healthy breathing

”I started to see Sarah as I was fed up of taking my allergy spray everyday and all the irritating nasal symptoms. After the consultations I only use it when I feel the symptoms, which is quite rare now. Also, six months on I continue to eat more healthily, including stopping eating breakfast snack bars, I eat less meat and more oily fish. I would recommend Sarah to anyone with health issues and who wants a healthier way of life.”

VC, Letchworth, February 2019

Healthy nutrition

”Over a few years now Sarah has helped me identify food types I don’t really get on with which were causing issues, plus eating times and habits that work much better for me, and helpful supplements. All these improvements have given me better energy during the day and a stomach that feels much calmer. Some great recipe ideas also! Highly recommended.”

HD, Letchworth, December 2018


Healthy eating

”A big thank you. Hi Sarah, I want to really thank you for listening to, helping and persevering with me over the last year. At the weekend I looked over all the information you have sent and given me realised what a huge amount I’ve learnt and done – from giving up caffeine to the importance of oily fish, bone broth and turmeric, understanding bowel health to knowing the ‘clean 15 and dirty dozen’ vegetables and when they are in season! I like eating so healthily, and am much more confident with shopping and cooking now. The mindfulness yoga you recommended has been just great – I really enjoy the exercise, the peer support has been thought provoking, and Alex and Hannah are the nicest of people. And of course without your urging I would not have gone back to the doctor and so would have been none the wiser about my thyroid issue.”

CM, Shefford, May 2018


Supporting special diets

”Sarah has been a tremendous help in advising & assisting in my daughter’s nutritional needs as she is both lactose intolerant & gluten free.  Provided me with information on supporting digestive health.  Would highly recommend her services to those that need guidance!”

LW, Stevenage, January 2018


Supporting health & emotional well-being

”I feel like a new and improved version of myself since I started working with Sarah – particularly with regard to mood and energy. And my nails are stronger!”

RC, Ickleford, November 2017


Weight loss…

”Thank you for all of your support and guidance over the last 6 months, I have learnt a lot from you on how to eat better and live healthier and how to manage my weight properly which will be a big help going forward.”

GS, Letchworth, September 2017 – (G lost 15 lbs)

Healthy eating & supporting energy levels…

“I would highly recommend Sarah. Her help has been invaluable over these last few months. She has really helped me to look at food in a different way and to make better nutrition choices and find strategies that work to avoid the kinds of foods that made me lethargic or disrupted my sleep. I can’t thank her enough!”

LH, Hitchin September 2017


Weight loss…

”You’ve changed my life through small incremental changes, firm encouragement and education. I feel like a stronger, better, more confident, beautiful person and others have also noticed the differences!

I can only say how grateful I am that I have you and my trainer to help me look after myself as my increased sleep, better nutrition and exercise is keeping me sane and not reaching for chocolate/wine/burgers but hummus and peppermint tea. The change is phenomenal!

SF, Hitchin, May 2017 (SF has lost 1st 3lbs in about 12 weeks, working with me and her personal trainer).


Weight loss…

“I have lost 18lb and amazingly, <my husband> eating nearly what I eat, lost 2 and a half stone so your wonderful advice has spread even further… I am keeping your lists on my cupboards so we can refer to them…  Thanks again so much for your patience and enthusiasm.”

DH, Hitchin, April 2017


Weight loss…

“I would like to thank you once again for all your help you have given me over the past few months. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met you, but I certainly didn’t see all the new exciting world with lots of different types of delicious food you have shown me. I really value and will treasure all your suggestions, tips and recipes. Thankfully there are enough of those for me to try and I am also looking forward to experimenting with various food combinations (now I know how!) I already feel much happier, lighter and more energetic. Some people have to work hard to get to this feeling but with your help it’s been really easy and enjoyable! Thank you.”

MP, Hitchin, August 2016


Coeliac and weight loss..

“…..getting in touch with Sarah was the smartest health move I’ve ever made. With years of dealing with Coeliac disease I’ve struggled with understanding food and how it effects my health. In the past few months of seeking help from Sarah I’ve more energy, a happy coeliac body and I’m losing weight… My general health has thrived and it’s down to listening and heeding advice from Sarah.” 

AD, Henlow, April 2016.


Supporting emotional wellbeing

“ I found the plan easy to understand and was clearly explained to me. It was as though we were just talking when I was actually learning how to be healthy and about nutrition… It’s absolutely fascinating.  In the first 4-6 weeks I noticed a change in my appearance and my mood enhanced and my headaches decreased. After 8-12 weeks I couldn’t imagine living how I used to. See it really is possible to change – you just need to re-train your brain.”

KL, Letchworth, March 2016


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