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What do clients say about Healthy Herts Nutritional Therapy?  

I am fortunate to work with some very dedicated clients on improving their individual nutrition habits and who work extremely hard to reach their health and fitness goals. These are some words from them regards working with me as a Nutritional Therapist on everything from losing weight to special diets to plain getting their mojo back!

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Healthy eating & healthy sleep support

Sarah has been helping me over the last year helping me maintain a healthy diet … I’ve also enjoyed attending her workshops about nutrition and mental health. Sarah is great to work with, she has helped me keep my condition under control and has recommended simple dietary changes and supplements which have helped me improve my sleep and general wellbeing. Apart from giving me great advice that works, Sarah is very encouraging, patient and understanding. Definitely the best nutritionist I’ve ever worked with personally and I’m very happy to recommend her to my clients knowing they will be in great hands. 

LW, Royston

Weight loss

Absolutely worth every penny! I was a mess (dietary wise) when I went for my first consultation and Sarah Dodd put together an amazing nutrition plan that made a significant difference. New year, new you! Go on treat yourself.

JH, Letchworth


Healthy Eating & Weight Loss

‘Sarah is a knowledgeable, inspirational professional who approaches clients with a balance of warmth, kindness, understanding, firmness and humour. She is your rock when your life or brain/body let you down. Picking you back up and gently steering you back to the right path. She is incredible value for money, what would you pay to be less tired, feel healthier and fitter by making some simple changes?’

SF, Hertfordshire


Weight loss

‘I’m still bobbing around 9 stone 12, which is obviously a great improvement from when I first contacted you, and I had no qualms walking around in my bikini on holiday. I seem to have gone down another notch on my belt since being away too (that’s 3 in total now).
<2.5 weeks later>  ‘I have some amazing news today too – 9 stone 9!!!  I can feel how much slimmer my back is, my legs look like they did in the good old days, a 4th belt notch nailed. Still just got a bit of that tummy pouch to go…”
<the following week> ‘Scales now reading 9 stone 7 point something. I made it at last. 😃’
MV, Accountant from the North West, November 2020
(Online nutrition client who gave me permission to post her weight updates. It was MVs goal to drop half a stubborn stone).

Weight loss

Yeah!!! I have got my goal!! After a tough lockdown putting on over a stone in weight. Lost 7kg in total now at my idea weight of 68kg after being weighed at the gym today. Now metabolic age of a 25 year old!! not bad for a almost 40 year old!! Haha. It’s been hard work but it’s been because of Sarah Dodd at Healthy Herts Nutrition.

CR, Stevenage


Nutrition MOT

“Sarah offered expert nutritional advice that fitted my taste and lifestyle. She is so knowledgeable and has a very warm and approachable style. She is passionate about food and helping you to achieve a healthy balance that works for you. Best of all, she achieves this with practical, manageable steps giving you a sense of progress from the start. I highly recommend Healthy Herts Nutrition.”

DW, Welwyn


Digestive health & general wellbeing 

I got very unwell during lockdown with digestive issues, I am so grateful to Sarah and her wealth of knowledge. Sarah re-designed me a new diet and I’m eating much better and feeling much better also! I had my first follow up yesterday and now can’t wait to try my new recipes and advice – highly recommended.

SL, Letchworth


Online Nutritional Therapy for the family

Sarah did a thorough Zoom consultation for my family and suggested lots of healthy food alternatives for us plus she set a meal plan taking into account our likes/dislikes. Sarah cleverly analysed the intake of vitamins that we were getting and has now realigned them to what they should be. I am excited to see the differences that the new eating plan will make on our lives & I know that Sarah will be on hand if we need advice.

JL, Letchworth


Nutritional Support for a chronic condition

I truly believe in the power of nutrition and as someone with a chronic condition, it is one of the few areas where I have complete control to improve my health and wellbeing.  Sarah has helped me to optimise my diet through my personal health challenges. With an evidence-based, methodical approach Sarah has helped me make achievable changes to my diet. Where necessary she has supported this with optional external testing and supplements which she carefully recommended based on interactions with my existing medications.

I highly recommend Sarah, she is hugely knowledgeable and intelligent, whilst being warm and a great listener. I have found that just by talking through things with her I have felt better and that this helped to highlight other areas of wellbeing which needed more attention.


I have consulted with Sarah both 10 years ago, when I knew nothing at all about nutrition, to again more recently after a health blip. Over the years I have taken a much greater interest in nutrition inspired I’m sure by those initial meetings. I feel confident that through her support and education I am giving my body the food it needs to function well and thus giving me the energy to enjoy everything else in life!


AC, Hitchin


Weight loss using Sarah’s Online Weight-Loss Programme

(This client kindly sent his thoughts on the whole nutritional therapy process).

”Great booklet. Good introduction.. Sarah recommended the Holford book which has been very useful.

1st session going through Sarah’s booklet. Recapping, informative, very positive, and supportive.
Great tips on menu planning, plus menu plan for 1st weeks shop. What’s App group to keep on track. Discussed helpful setting targets for weight and exercise. Left me feeling positive. And enthusiastic.

2nd session – FaceTime call. We were struggling with the house still full of the wrong food and not much progress being made. Sarah suggested her stepping stones plan. Substituting low GL ingredients as we used up existing food and introducing one extra low GL meal a week. Again we felt more positive after the call and definitely have a clear direction on how to proceed.

3rd session – FaceTime call. Asked for and received good suggestions on daytime snacks at work. Always receive great encouragement to try new ideas and recipes. Sarah is very knowledgeable about the chemical make up of different foods and can always suggest ingredients to try. I like the way Sarah manages to keep notes on the answers we gave during the previous call and the advice she gave. Sarah always asks how we are doing with her previous recommendations and adjusts her advice accordingly.

4th session – FaceTime call. Had a few difficulties with the balance of some meals which resulted in eating too much fibre at once. Sarah was able to give reasons why this could happened and suggested changes to the plan. I was disappointed that I had only lost a pound during the last week, which was probably down to accepting too much food in the office. Sarah suggested that I take in more snacks to work of the correct type. This seems to be working.

I am now just a pound off my target. More importantly for me, I feel so much better.”

DG, Stevenage

Weight loss whilst on FODMAPS diet

”I am a stone and a half lighter since taking Sarah’s advice. I now fit in clothes I haven’t fitted into for a long time… I’m enjoying food, and my digestion – there’s less flatulence.”

LD, Letchworth

Healthy Eating 

”Dear Sarah, I have been to wanting to message you all day. Our session yesterday was inspirational and motivating. It became very clear to me that although I might not have an eating disorder I definitely am creating an unhealthy relationship with food which is hindering the rest of my life. Thank you for making me realise this…  I know this is going to be the start of a new phase for me where I can go back to enjoying food and the energy and positivity that comes with it…including a desire to exercise! …

MC, North London


Healthy hormones

”Would thoroughly recommend sessions with Sarah. Most useful is being informed about small but significant changes and knowing it makes a difference. Having information that could be complicated made easily accessible and also not being preached to by smug author in leggings like SO many books! Wonderful advice and simple practical help that has resulted in me feeling like I’m on the right path and that I’m supported on the journey. Thank you.” 

MT, Letchworth


Food + medication + nutrition

‘I have learnt a lot about foods and how they work together. For example, I didn’t know that iron and vitamin C work together and that I was eating and drinking things that were stopping me from absorbing my iron tablets. I am slowly coming off the Diet Coke.  I would recommend Sarah Dodd to others, she is non-judgemental, encouraging and knowledgeable.’

EP, Baldock


Cardiovascular health, weight loss

‘…lower stress, feel better… everything I asked for… and helped reduce my weight. Happy to recommend to all my friends.’

DH, Letchworth

More energy

”Sarah is a very knowledgeable Nutritional Therapist, and has the patience of a saint! She’s been a massive help to me, as I have been backwards and forwards to the hospital for the past year for several different reasons. However, the main reason that I’m still able to work and go about my daily activities with virtually no trouble, is because of Sarah’s help and guidance. Sarah’s personalised nutrition plans have been a great help to me, the supplements and recommended diet changes have really helped boost my activity levels, as I’d been struggling with fatigue and extreme tiredness. She recommends tasty recipes to try, as I’ve always been a bit of a veggie dodger! My favourite bit of advice from Sarah was to switch to coconut oil for cooking, it adds so much flavour to my veggies when roasting! 

I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth, and I wanted to combat my fatigue. With Sarah’s help I am now more healthily, eating a variety of veggies and smaller meals that I actually enjoy eating to give me a slow release of energy throughout the day. I honestly cannot recommend Sarah enough to people.” 

DP, Letchworth


Healthy eating

”… six months on I continue to eat more healthily, including stopping eating breakfast snack bars, I eat less meat and more oily fish. I would recommend Sarah to anyone with health issues and who wants a healthier way of life.”

VC, Letchworth


Healthy nutrition

”Over a few years now Sarah has helped me to put together a diet that doesn’t include food I don’t really get on with which were causing issues, plus eating times and habits that work much better for me, and helpful supplements. All these improvements have given me better energy during the day and a stomach that feels much calmer. Some great recipe ideas also! Highly recommended.”

HD, Letchworth


Healthy eating

”A big thank you. Hi Sarah, I want to really thank you for listening to, helping and persevering with me over the last year. At the weekend I looked over all the information you have sent and given me realised what a huge amount I’ve learnt and done – from giving up caffeine to the importance of oily fish, bone broth and turmeric, understanding bowel health to knowing the ‘clean 15 and dirty dozen’ vegetables and when they are in season! I like eating so healthily, and am much more confident with shopping and cooking now. The mindfulness yoga you recommended has been just great – I really enjoy the exercise, the peer support has been thought provoking, and Alex and Hannah are the nicest of people. And of course without your urging I would not have gone back to the doctor and so would have been none the wiser about my thyroid issue.”

CM, Shefford


Supporting special diets – lactose intolerance + gluten free

”Sarah has been a tremendous help in advising & assisting in my daughter’s nutritional needs as she is both lactose intolerant & gluten free.  Provided me with information on supporting digestive health.  Would highly recommend her services to those that need guidance!”

LW, Stevenage


Supporting healthy habit change for the long term…

”I feel like a new and improved version of myself since I started working with Sarah – particularly with regard to mood and energy. And my nails are stronger! I have been seeing Sarah for a few years now. When I look back at where I was, in the beginning, it amazes me how far I have come. My diet (gut health and skin), were not in a happy place, but it has been a fun and interesting journey. She has always been able to successfully manage to change my habits for the better without it feeling like a hardship. Working at it together, I now know what my body needs to thrive, it has given me so much more energy. I had not even realised when I felt tired all day when my nails would rip and my hair fall out that this was not just normal. Now I have the added bonus of making healthy choices as a desired default, fewer … aches and pains, stronger nails and no dandruff!’

RC, Ickleford


Weight loss…

”Thank you for all of your support and guidance over the last 6 months, I have learnt a lot from you on how to eat better and live healthier and how to manage my weight properly which will be a big help going forward.”

GS, Letchworth – (G lost 1 stone 1lbs)


Healthy eating & supporting energy levels…

“I would highly recommend Sarah. Her help has been invaluable over these last few months. She has really helped me to look at food in a different way and to make better nutrition choices and find strategies that work to avoid the kinds of foods that made me lethargic or disrupted my sleep. I can’t thank her enough!”

LH, Hitchin


Weight loss…

”You’ve changed my life through small incremental changes, firm encouragement and education. I feel like a stronger, better, more confident, beautiful person and others have also noticed the differences!

I can only say how grateful I am that I have you and my trainer to help me look after myself as my increased sleep, better nutrition and exercise is keeping me sane and not reaching for chocolate/wine/burgers but hummus and peppermint tea. The change is phenomenal!

SF, Hitchin (SF has lost 1st 3lbs in about 12 weeks, working with me and her personal trainer).


Weight loss…

“I have lost 18lb and amazingly, <my husband> eating nearly what I eat, lost 2 and a half stone so your wonderful advice has spread even further… I am keeping your lists on my cupboards so we can refer to them…  Thanks again so much for your patience and enthusiasm.”

DH, Hitchin


Weight loss…

“I would like to thank you once again for all your help you have given me over the past few months. I didn’t know what to expect when I first met you, but I certainly didn’t see all the new exciting world with lots of different types of delicious food you have shown me. I really value and will treasure all your suggestions, tips and recipes. Thankfully there are enough of those for me to try and I am also looking forward to experimenting with various food combinations (now I know how!) I already feel much happier, lighter and more energetic. Some people have to work hard to get to this feeling but with your help it’s been really easy and enjoyable! Thank you.”

MP, Hitchin


Food education and weight loss..

“…..getting in touch with Sarah was the smartest health move I’ve ever made… I’ve struggled with understanding food and how it effects my health. In the past few months of seeking help from Sarah I’ve more energy…  and I’m losing weight… My general health has thrived and it’s down to listening and heeding advice from Sarah.” 

AD, Henlow, April 2016.


Supporting emotional well-being

“ I found the plan easy to understand and was clearly explained to me. It was as though we were just talking when I was actually learning how to be healthy and about nutrition… It’s absolutely fascinating.  In the first 4-6 weeks I noticed a change in my appearance and my mood enhanced. After 8-12 weeks I couldn’t imagine living how I used to. See it really is possible to change – you just need to re-train your brain.”

KL, Letchworth


Healthy Eating & Thyroid Health Support

You’re in your 40s so you think your experience and knowledge of food is deep, you love food, everyone tells you you eat healthily and have a healthy lifestyle – – yet there’s no room for complacency and still so much to learn about food and its impact on you!

TS, Letchworth



‘When I first went to Sarah I was struggling to get through the day without falling asleep. I plodded along each day with two little boys to look after & tried to boost my energy with constant carb & sugar fixes. Little did I know that by trying to ‘boost my energy’ I was actually making the situation ten times worse …  After a week of beginning to change to a ‘whole food’ lifestyle I felt like a different person, Sarah has turned my life around! She taught me how to use food properly & to make it work in harmony with my body, not against it. She has also been able to recommend supplements that best suit my needs taking into account my busy lifestyle. Sarah has been a constant support throughout my ‘whole food’ journey & I couldn’t recommend her enough!!’

CH, Letchworth


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