Nutritional Therapy in Letchworth

Nutritional Therapy in Letchworth

At some level, we know that we are what we eat, as the old saying goes. But few of us eat as well as we could do, and scientific data – as well as my own experience in seeing clients – shows that we’re missing out on some superb health benefits. As a qualified nutritional therapist I review a client’s health in detail, including undertaking a detailed nutrition analysis, before devising a comprehensive nutrition plan. Everyone’s nutrition plan is individual and takes into account –

  • your general health – any health niggles and / or long-term issues, as well as family health history any medication and / or supplements
  • your lifestyle and life stage – are you pregnant, menopausal, trying for a baby, a vegetarian, vegan, teenager, a parent, commuter, elderly, stressed, for example
  • your reactions to food including intolerances and allergies, and any suspected food sensitivities (testing is available – additional costs are involved)
  • your budget, time constraints and cooking ability

A professional diet review can reveal missing nutrients, as well as foods that may be causing you issues, and most importantly the foods you should eat more of and the steps you can take to improve your health.

Consultations take place in a confidential setting in Letchworth. As a nutritional therapist, I work with each client to introduce and maintain healthy, wholefoods and natural products to re-balance the diet to improve health, alongside appropriate lifestyle recommendations, to help each client reach their health and / or weight loss goals.


What is Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy?

Naturopathic nutritional therapy goes beyond the basics of healthy eating to focus on finding and addressing the root causes of individual imbalances, as well as encouraging the body’s own natural ability to heal. As a naturopathic nutritional therapist, I believe that educating the client in self-care is the cornerstone of improving long-term health outcomes – and this forms a central part of my clients’ therapy. So if you’re ready to commit to making some changes, and you want some expertise to support you along the way, then contact me.


Ok – I would like to know more about what happens during a nutritional therapy session…

How can nutritional therapy support my health and wellbeing?

Achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss
I offer personalised weight management programmes including tailored diet plans and lots of ongoing support to help you reduce and manage your weight, taking into account your current weight, lifestyle and health goals.

Optimise energy levels
Make sure you get the right vitamins and minerals to ensure you have plenty of energy to meet the demands of your lifestyle. And that goes whether you’re an omnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. 

Support a positive outlook and boost brain function
Are you feeling happy and healthy? When you’re eating rubbish you tend to feel that way, too. Food has a big connection to Mood and plays an overlooked role in how you feel. Did you know – a low Glycaemic Load (GL) diet marries protein and fibre together with small portions of optimal carbs choices – to help smooth the negative effects of fluctuating blood sugar levels and irritability? My weight loss clients following a low GL (glycaemic-load) plan almost always report improved energy and mood.

Support healthy sleep
Calcium helps the brain use tryptophan to manufacture melatonin, which is why foods that contain both tryptophan and calcium, like dairy, might just be some of the best sleep-inducing foods. There are several natural ways of improving sleep – how are YOU sleeping? Caffeine is an important consideration.

Pregnancy and children’s diets
One of the first crucial jobs you’ll do when you’re pregnant is to help nourish your growing baby. A baby’s healthy development is dependent on the nutrition provided by you, which is why healthy habits during pregnancy and even beforehand are so crucial. If you want to improve your chances of falling pregnant, nutrition can help you to balance your hormones naturally. Did you know? There is a 70 fold increase in sensitivity in the ovary to nutrient deficiency occurs between 11.30am and 7pm on the day before ovulation, for example? I often see the male half of the couple too, and not just to tell him that too many prawn crackers can inhibit sperm production. (But yes, this has also been shown in a study)!

If you are looking for clarity on whether baby-led weaning (BLW) or spoon-fed mush is the way to go, and precisely when your little darling should take his first sweet potato, I can devise a simple weaning plan that helps optimise your baby’s growth and development. Clearing up the mess afterwards is down to you!

Toddlers and beyond
The eating habits your children develop now will affect their food habits and their health throughout their lives… Let me give you some healthy and balanced meal ideas that children will enjoy no matter what their stage. Nutrition for fussy and not so fussy eaters…

Women’s nutrition
What has nutritional therapy and eating healthily got to do with women’s health? Here are just some examples:
– There is data to suggest the potential anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) effects of calcium and vitamin D on breast cancer development.
– Women may be able to lower their risk of endometriosis by eating less red meat.
– Supporting normal oestrogen levels may relieve menopausal symptoms, and maintain cardiovascular, breast and bone health.
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