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Man sits alone with body language to suggest he is unhappy

The Food Mood Connection: are you missing out on some powerful mental health tools?


The numbers of people in the UK with anxiety and depression are increasing – and figures also show that British diets are lacking in crucial mood health nutrients. This presents a useful opportunity to consider the mood impact of what we’re consuming. Research demonstrates there are many specific mechanisms where food affects mood, including sugar intake, common nutrient deficiencies, suboptimal …

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EGG YOLK B12 Mustafa Bashari Unsplash

Food and Mood: How can Vitamin B12 deficiency affect my mood?


Deficiency of B vitamins has been proven to lead to depression and irritability, with B3, B6, folate (also known as folic acid) and particularly Vitamin B12. The food/mood link is strongest for vitamin B12 deficiency which at its worst may cause anything from depression, poor memory, panic attacks, fatigue, hallucinations, and even mania and psychosis. Amongst its many other roles, …

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