Nutrition Services

Nutrition Consultation Services in Letchworth, Hertfordshire 

I typically offer Nutritional Therapy to clients from my clinic space in Letchworth. Alternatively, I can occasionally visit clients at home or in their office, up to a reasonable distance. For follow-up consults, I’m happy to do by phone or Skype.  My fees include any research I do on your behalf, as well as ongoing email support to keep you motivated and your therapy on track, in between appointments.

Initial Consultations: £85  Includes a complete health and diet review. I will ask you to complete a diet and activity diary prior to your appointment to help establish your health goals, medical conditions, and eating habits. The first appointment lasts approx 60-85 mins and will result in a practical and delicious food and lifestyle plan. Your nutrition plan is given to you during the session with any additional information is typically emailed to you the following day or so.

Follow-up Consultations: £60 Includes a complete review of progress plus an outline of next steps. Allow approx 45-55 minutes.

Package of 3 Consultations: £180 (£20 saving) Includes one initial consultation & 2 follow-ups. 
Package of 6 Consultations: £345 
(£40 saving) Includes one initial consultation and 5 followups.

I highly recommend a package option, as it reinforces your commitment to following the agreed nutrition plan.

(Ongoing consultation fee packages for those clients who have had their initial consultation)
Package of 3 consultations: £165 (£15 saving) Includes 3 follow-up consultations.
Package of 6 Consultations: £325 (£35 saving) Includes 6 follow-up consultations.

Package consults must be used within 3 months (for 3 consults) or 6 months (for a 6 consult package). Package fees are not refundable.

Please note there is a 10% discount for Carers showing their Hertfordshire Carers’ Card – available from Carers in Herts.
10% discount for over 65’s and students.

Gift vouchers for nutrition sessions are also available.

Bespoke weekly meal plans are available for an additional fee. I can design these for your particular needs including weight loss, heart health and food restrictions, including coeliac, food intolerances or allergies, gout, low-oxalate diets – or for those who simply prefer that the task of weekly meal planning fell to someone else! 🙂

Fees do not include supplements or referrals, where suggested. You will receive 10% off any nutritional supplements that I suggest. The recommended supplements are practitioner-grade – meaning they typically come in higher or more absorbable doses, or are ‘food-state’ – that is they come as part of a food source. Please make your GP aware of all supplements you are taking if you have a condition or if you are on medication.


Fees applicable to all clients from 31 January 2018.

Laboratory tests are also extra, are performed by professional third party laboratories. Tests offered can include stress and adrenal health, digestive function assessments, male and female hormone panels including thyroid panels, among others – Nutritional Testing.


Cancellation policy

I understand that there may be unavoidable reasons for cancellation such as illness, and I will always reschedule nutritional therapy appointments at no charge, even at relatively short notice. *However, if the appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, a 50% cancellation fee applies. This helps to cover the clinic fee and the work I have already done on your behalf.*



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