Seminar: Food + Mood: the Evidence for Nutrition

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Seminar: Food + Mood: the Evidence for Nutrition


Please note that booking for this event has now closed. More info on corporate nutrition seminars … including recent feedback on the ‘Food + Mood’ Nutrition seminar. 

My new 60 minute nutrition seminar – back by popular demand!

  • what has breakfast got to do with the stress hormone cortisol?

  • how to balance mood and sugar & fatigue

  • the connection between magnesium and serotonin

  • the link between antioxidants and anxiety

  • what Vitamin D & B Vits have to do with mood


This informative session relies on evidence based research, and is designed not only to improve your food but also your awareness of how food can impact our mood – both positively and negatively. You will come away with lots of ideas on how you can feed your brain with everyday, healthy food.

The course runs from 7:30-8:30pm Tuesday 24th November on Zoom. Numbers will be kept small for the second run of this informative course, normally £20 – just £10.

As this is a beta course I will ask you to provide feedback on the session and the pdf – using a quick online quiz to help me to tailor future nutrition courses and handouts.


Email me to request your place: HealthyHerts<at> (or use the web contact form).  Deadline to register: Friday 20th November 2020


*This Food & Mood session will be a smallish group to enable you to freely ask questions on the content, but please be aware that I will be unable to answer personal nutrition questions as this session is designed to be suitable for the whole group. (And unless you’re already one of my clients as, in common with all Nutritional Therapists, I must have already taken your case to answer specific health questions).


If you would actually prefer a bespoke, confidential nutritional therapy consultation instead, please use the contact form to make your request. Many thanks.

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