Nutrition Seminars and Talks for Corporate Wellness

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Nutrition seminars have never been in such demand now so many staff are working remotely. If you are an employer seeking to nurture your talent and make a measurable difference to the health and wellbeing of your staff, consider a nutrition seminar. Better nourished employees = more engaged employees. Feedback shows that these nutrition talks are engaging, informative and enjoyable and are designed to help your employees take positive steps to eat and drink a healthier diet.


Alicia González-Ramos – Learning and Development Officer at CABA, (East Midlands, January 2021) said:

‘Sarah has delivered a seminar for us, it was very interesting, easy to understand and very well received by our staff.  I am looking forward to the next few months working with Sarah developing and delivering nutrition courses for all our members.’

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Bryony Williams, Head of People, Lubbock Fine Chartered Accounts, (London, Dec 2020) said:

‘We had a fantastic informative session from Healthy Herts yesterday for Lubbock Fine wellbeing day. The importance of nutrition in brain function, mood and productivity is so often missed. Check them out for your own ‘food for your mood’ session, Sarah Dodd is an expert in #nutrition and #wellness.’



Covid Update: I am hoping that it may be possible to deliver nutrition seminars in person in Summer 2021. Currently, Sarah is only booking online seminars. Once movement restrictions are eased Sarah can travel within London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and Cambridgeshire to deliver seminars, and she will consider travelling further.


What nutrition topics can you offer us?

Seminars are interactive, inspiring and are based on evidence from nutrition studies and journals around the world.  Sarah offers persuasive talks on a variety of topics from eating well to support mental health, healthy weight loss, foods for better sleep to nutrition for stronger bones and more besides…  Talks can last from 30 minutes to all day online, or in person.


Nutrition talks typically combine the following…

– a layman’s overview of the relevant scientific evidence
– some upbeat breakout activities
– a selection of the appropriate foods
– a workbook
– handouts including recipes to extend your delegates’ learning which can vary from light to challenging

The workbooks can help to focus your delegates on listening rather than note-taking 🙂

Handouts can be gentle or challenging depending on your requirements, but all levels are designed to make healthy eating more of a focus, going forward, and may include a joint meal planning session.


You may be interested to know that Sarah also offers open nutrition talks to small parties from time to time…


Online Nutrition Seminar Topics for 2021 

Embracing the (Peri+) Menopause
Eating for Energy
Age better with Good Nutrition
Nutrition to Support Bone Health
‘Feeding’ the Immune System
Food + Mood (For Therapists) will run in Q4 2021

These seminars are typically one hour ‘taster’ nutrition talks that are held from time to time, usually in the evenings. Registration for these online talks are advertised on Sarah’s social media accounts. Please subscribe to the newsletter (see form on the right) to obtain the advanced schedule. Pre-recorded seminars will be available in 2021.


Past Talk Nutrition Topics

Mood + Food: What’s the Evidence?
The Power of Vitamin D & Omega 3 & Safe Healthy Eating for the Elderly
Supporting your Immune System
Eating Healthily in Lockdown
Eating Well to Support Menopause


What other Nutrition support do you offer?

In addition to seminars Sarah also offers confidential 121 nutritional therapy sessions for your employees – either online or in person – to pick up on the healthy eating themes  in the seminars and to offer bespoke nutrition guidance and ongoing support to improve the diet.

Consultation rates are reduced for consulting more than 5 people. The depth of these is flexible.

Corporate newsletter articles are also available, on a variety of nutrition topics.


Nutrition Seminar Clients

Sarah has presented to or on behalf of the following organisations: Lubbock Fine Chartered Accountants, (London0, a national wellbeing charity, (Leicestershire), Churchill Living (Stevenage), Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE, Letchworth), and to WIBN (Women in Business Network) Stevenage & groups of WIBN members from elsewhere, as well as to her nutritional therapy clients.


Feedback from Nutrition Talks in 2020

‘The ‘7 steps to Improving Mood and Food’ felt manageable, clear and energising!’

‘Easy to understand and practical, so will be able to put into practice the suggestions’.

‘I loved the seminar and found it so interesting!

‘I attended Sarah’s Food and Mood Seminar last night which was packed full of information about how food and a lack of vitamins can affect your mood. Sarah is obviously really passionate about what she does and that came across in the seminar. It’s amazing how much difference a balanced healthy diet can make to how you feel’.

‘Sarah’s session is full of great information on how to improve mood through the food we eat. Hugely informative!’

‘Really informative and enjoyable session, I learned a lot and some simple things I have started doing already that will help me feel as good as I can.’

‘I really enjoyed both Sarah’s one on one sessions and her Food and Mood Seminar, having been bought up on a highly processed diet … I’ve made life long changes and feel much better informed’.

‘I really enjoyed Sarah’s workshop on food and mood. Her knowledge is sound and broad, and I certainly learnt a few new things about foods to consume to benefit my mood and overall health, as well as some red flag foods / habits to limit. Sarah is a great facilitator who led us through a well structured presentation, included and engaged everyone on the call, and answered any questions that were put to her. I highly recommend attending one of her seminars if you’re interested to enhance your knowledge of nutrition for health and wellbeing.’


Please call Sarah to discuss your organisation’s nutrition and wellness needs

Nutrition seminars and corporate wellness talks on food can be arranged to fit your company or group’s objectives, may be held remotely via Zoom / Teams or your proprietary presentation software, and may use your own branding as appropriate.

Please contact me with your organisation’s needs and to discuss pricing. There is a discount for talks for third sector organisations.