Better Bones: can nutrition help?

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Better Bones: can nutrition help?


Can nutrition support healthy bones? Absolutely it can. Nutrition, lifestyle and exercise have lots to offer when it comes to improving bone mineral density (aka BMD). Experts agree that regardless of our age, there are ways we can look after our bones and potentially prevent this pernicious disease and it’s associated pain and immobility.

The statistics are worrying – around half of British women will develop osteoporosis and the rates amongst men over 50 continue to climb. About 20 percent of elderly people who break a hip die within one year in Britain, with men more likely to die than women. BUT the good news is that with some healthy habits, we can all reduce our risk factors for this condition with appropriate nutrition and exercise.

The causes of osteoporosis are diverse – its NOT just a women’s disease, and even then it isn’t something we only need to worry about age 50+ and menopausal. Rates amongst British men are climbing speedily, although brittle bones aren’t often recognised by men as a significant threat to their mobility and health …!

10 years ago many people in the UK had calcium intakes above the amount recommended, and these days more people take Vitamin D – and yet – fracture rates just keep climbing. Clearly, there is much more to preventing osteoporosis than calcium and Vitamin D and a bit of exercise.

If you would like to know more about how nutrition and exercise might support healthy bones, please book a nutrition consultation with me, Sarah Dodd.

Alternatively, please register for the waiting list to join the next ‘Better Bones’ 60 minutes online webinar using the contact form. There will be time for a Q&A so you can ask your bone nutrition related questions.

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