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Immune supporting foods


What’s your recipe for keeping your immune system healthy as possible right now? My clients have been requesting ideas of things they can do to help support their immune systems at this time. Here are my top 7 (updated) immune support tips staying as healthy as possible:   Eat ‘the rainbow’ – how does this help? Brightly coloured vegetables contain …

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How to Support your Immune System with Everyday Foods


  Sarah’s Immune – Supporting Everyday Foods – Quick Shopping List   I know from analysing my clients’ food diaries that very few of them are getting sufficient nutrients on a regular day. To keep healthy during these times in particular we need to pay extra attention to our health and to ensure our diets are nutritious. We can help …

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What does a nutritional therapist eat?


  So if you’ve ever been curious and wondered what a nutritional therapist actually eats and drinks – then now is your chance to find out what makes it into my shopping trolley … Food: cruciferous vegetables (of course!) One of my favourite examples: Bok Choi – I love this totally tasty, easy to use vegetable – I chop and …

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