How to Support your Immune System with Everyday Foods

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How to Support your Immune System with Everyday Foods



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Everyday Foods – Quick Shopping List


I know from analysing my clients’ food diaries that very few of them are getting sufficient nutrients on a regular day. To keep healthy during these times in particular we need to pay extra attention to our health and to ensure our diets are nutritious. We can help ourselves by including the foods shown to support the immune system, (including some meat-free food sources for vegan readers). And it’s not just food that can support your immune health. There are a few other things we can do at home to support immunity…

*How many are you eating each week?* Use this list as a checklist to see how well you are looking after your nutrition.


Vitamin C rich foods

peppers  broccoli  kale  spring greens  pineapple  mango   parsley  blackcurrant
honeydew melon  grapefruit

Zinc rich foods

pumpkin seeds  beef  lamb   cashew nuts

Copper rich foods 

beef & lambs liver
mushrooms  basil

Fermented foods

kefir (fermented milk)
kimchi (fermented radishes)
sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)

Vitamin D rich foods 

sardines  wild salmon  mackerel tuna        beef liver

(NB a portion of these oily fish offer 3-9 times the Vitamin D of an egg)


(Vitamin D: Sunbathe for half the time it takes you to burn, without sunscreen in the middle of the day, March-September in the UK on sunny days). So approx 5-30 mins sunlight, at least twice a week, ideally.

Green tea


Immune Supporting Foods in more detail…

There is also evidence that certain probiotics may assist the immune system.  Not available in your local supermarket – but 7 hours sleep a night, exercise and laughter should also be part of your plan to stay healthy. If you would like more specific and detailed nutritional support with your immune system, or if you have any general questions about nutritional therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the form on the contact page.



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