Stress, Allergy, Food Intolerance & other Lab Tests


Stress, food allergy, food intolerance & other laboratory testing services

Sarah Dodd is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist offering a variety of tests to nutrition clients as part of a complete wellness approach. The purpose of testing is to exclude or clarify certain health and nutrition issues. Most often clients ask for a consultation because they suspect that a particular food or food group doesn’t agree with them because they’re bloated, or have low energy, anxiety or joint pain and they want to know if they can be tested for food intolerances. You can test between 40 and 200 foods, and there are special screens for herbs and spices, as well as those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. The test involves a very small blood draw using a skin prick test that can be performed quickly at home. Results are available within 10 working days and comprehensive support is offered to eliminate and reintroduce the offending foods.


A word about food intolerance testing…

Complete nutrition and lifestyle support following results is offered as part of your nutritional care programme – as a nutritional therapist, I do NOT advise the use of solo home testing without this nutritional support. Please do not eliminate food groups by yourself as you may unwittingly exclude too many nutrients. In addition, please do not exclude gluten before being thoroughly checked out to see if you have coeliac disease. Issues with digestion can sometimes seem like a possible food intolerance but occasionally there are other factors at play – even stress can play a big part in digestion. Sometimes there is a more serious condition that needs to be checked out and treated by your GP. Please contact me for any further information, advice and test pricing.


Other tests are available including:-

  • Stool analysis – assesses the health of the digestive tract  & can include possible bacterial overgrowth, leaky gut, candida or parasites.
  • Food allergy testing (measures IgE antibodies – NB – this is not the same as food intolerance testing, see above)
  • H Pylori test (Helicobacter Pylori is the single biggest cause of ulcers & gastritis).
  • Coeliac screening
  • Adrenal hormone stress profile (cortisol and DHEA – stress hormones)
  • Female hormone panel related to menopause support
  • Osteoporosis Profile
  • Female hormones – related to conception support and Menopause and Menopause Plus profile
  • Male hormones related to ageing and vitality
  • Thyroid hormones for a full picture of thyroid hormone health
  • Metabolic Analysis Profile – Organic Acids including gut health, neurotransmitter metabolites and cellular energy production.
  • Vitamin D testing is also available, as are broad vitamin and mineral checks.

Not all tests require blood testing; some require urine, stool, breath or saliva samples. Many tests can be done using an easy, home DIY blood skin prick test.

Tests start from £45 for a simple Vitamin D test and can be as much as £330 if you would like more comprehensive nutritional testing.