How can I get plenty of calcium in my diet?

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How can I get plenty of calcium in my diet?


It’s easy once you know how… Here is a sample day of food showing the Calcium quantities next to each food type, in milligrams with Ca next to it, in brackets. Most adults need 700mg daily, up to 1250mg if you have osteoporosis or have coeliac disease – more on calcium in the diet.


Breakfast: 310mg Calcium

Bowl of porridge made with semi-skimmed milk (200mg Ca) + tbsp plain yoghurt (50mg Ca)  + 5 chopped almonds (25mg Ca) + 2 chopped dried apricots (10mg Ca) + 1 tsp cinnamon (25mg Ca).


Snack: 201mg Calcium

1x120g pot Greek Style Yeo Valley yoghurt  (176mg Ca) with blueberries and half tsp sesame seeds (25mg Ca).


Lunch: 400mg Calcium

Half a tin (50g) of sardines (200mg Ca) with small pitta bread (100mg Ca) , 20g watercress, (25mg Ca) 1 tbsp red kidney beans (25mg Ca), cucumber, tomatoes, olive oil + seasoning. (Also see precisely why sardines are good for you – more than just a great calcium source). 


Snack: 220mg or 440mg Calcium

Matchbox size piece of hard cheese (eg cheddar) on oatcake x 1 or 2.


Dinner: 170mg Calcium

Garlic chicken breast with 50g steamed spring greens (105mg Ca), 55g steamed broccoli (25mg Ca) + 8 heaped tbsps rice, (40mg Ca).


So that’s how 3 simple meals and 2 snacks (even just one cheese on cracker portion) could give you 1300mg calcium. It’s possible! So when you next do your shopping list, keep the above foods on it if you’re looking to improve your bone density with diet. That’s not to say you can forget the exercise, but diet is an important part of the picture. Calcium really needs Vitamin D however so please ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D too.


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