I bet you know your BMI… but do you know your WHR?

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I bet you know your BMI… but do you know your WHR?


What is WHR? WHR stands for Waist to Hip ratio

Things have moved on since the BMI (Body Mass Index) tool was developed. The issue with the BMI tool is that it misses those people with regular weight / height ratio but who carry weight around their middles which carries a higher chance of dying sooner from diabetes or heart disease (plus it’s misleading for athletes who carry a lot of muscle but that’s not most of us).

To  find your WHR – use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your waist and hips in cm.

To find your waist circumference – measure at the narrowest point between your RIBS and HIPS after exhaling. Write down the first measurement.

To find your hip circumference – measure at the point where the buttocks are widest when viewed from the side. Write down the second measurement.


> Clients please now email both numbers to me, clearly stating which is which, the unit of measurement and the date you took the measurements. I will then send your WHR back to you & include it in your benchmarks.

I will ask you to repeat the process approx every 1-3 months. Thank you, Sarah 


For anyone who wants to find their own it is Waist divided by Hip measurement, however the outcomes vary according to gender… Bupa has a useful page if you want to look it up.

(Please note, the WHR is only suitable for adults and doesn’t apply to children).



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