5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet – No Resolutions Necessary!

5 easy ways to improve your diet

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet – No Resolutions Necessary!


Tired of impossible resolutions? Here are 5 easy ways to improve your diet – no resolutions necessary. Put these on your fridge and read them daily for a more nutritious diet.

1. Not all fats make you fat! Include healthy fats to keep you fuller for longer… and so naturally you’ll avoid the roller-coaster sugar crashes (and the ‘pick-me-up’ biscuits…) Enjoy avocado, nuts and seeds, olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, grass-fed meats and oily fish, (see point 5 below).


2. Eating out? Order a side dish of green vegetables or a green salad to help you eat sufficient fibre to help to keep the gut healthy. You’ll then find that giant portion of pasta looks less appealing … one idea – try bok/pak choi if you haven’t – its super nutritious.


3. If you feel healthy food is too ‘plain’ then experiment with herbs and spices to improve flavour: Beginner’s guide:
– finely chop coriander or parsley over a salad (both sources of Vitamin K and Vitamin C)
– add dried chilli flakes to poached eggs (makes them taste even better!)
– sprinkle cinnamon or even mixed spice on to your porridge
– include flavoursome chopped chives over baked beans on a sweet jacket potato
– add powdered garlic to give stir-fries some oompf if you don’t have time to crush it fresh …
… and don’t forget the black pepper! (it even contains a little Vitamin K & iron)


4. If you eat what you’ve always eaten then you won’t see any change… try new foods to give more variety – and therefore – potential nutrients in your diet. A new fruit or veg, or meal each week can help to turn the tide of food boredom… For example you can  switch white rice for brown. Otherwise – here are a few of my favourite, nutritious recipes, handpicked for you to try.


5. Think about what fish you like and actually buy and eat it 😊. So much the better if it’s an oily fish such as, trout, salmon, kippers, anchovies, sardines, mackerel or whitebait. The many health benefits of oily fish

Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is your body’s best diet yet!

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