This nutritional therapist’s favourite recipes


This nutritional therapist’s favourite recipes


As a nutritional therapist who is passionate about food and cooking I am often asked for my favourite nutritious and not-so-nutritious recipes. Well here are a few I couldn’t live without…!  They each offer a lot in the way of nutrition as well as taste and most of them are do-able in under 30 minutes …


Lunch / Dinner

BBC lentils squash and kale salad – lentils and kale are known to be a particularly nutritious combination, each making up in nutrients what the other lacks such as minerals and prebiotic nutrients.

Speedy supper: Pasta Puttanesca by Guardian’s Felicity Cloake for some Omega 3 rich nutrition from anchovies…

Dodd’s anti-inflammatory kale butter with boiled eggs and rye bread, from Healthy Herts Sarah Dodd  – all the health benefits of kale and avocado in one tasty vegetarian lunch.

Vegan friendly, easy sweet potato, coconut and lentil curry from Deliciously Ella – speedy recipe that is easy to batch cook, too. Why is this recipe good for you? Lentils are a fantastic source of folate which is especially crucial for converting carbohydrates into energy.

Phyto-oestrogen rich recipes for women including some great chickpea and lentil recipes, some of which are also vegan friendly.

Coconut rice – mmm!

Super fast, vegan supper – Pea, Cashew and Sesame quinoa  for when you’ve ran out of fresh vegetables… Cashews are a great source of fibre, copper, zinc, magnesium and various antioxidants.

Brazil nut and rocket pesto: Creamy, selenium zinc and copper-rich accompaniment to your favourite pasta which also provides vegan protein (Deliciously Ella)

… and not forgetting one of my favourite, nutritious foods… (surprise!) which is very versatile…

Super refreshing salmon dish – Lemon Tarragon Salmon over Asparagus – this page shows highlights some of its key nutrients too 🙂

Also see my other favourite Omega 3 rich fish recipes.

Roasted veg with tahini. (From Pinch of Yum). Tahini is thought to be helpful for lowering cholesterol thanks to their helpful plant lignans and also offer Vitamin B1, (thiamin), magnesium, copper and a little calcium.

Speaking of tahini, this Souk Spiced Aubergines with Walnuts, Pomegranate and Tahini Yoghurt recipe offers much in the way of nutrition including fibre, folate, manganese, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Zinc.



Chocolate avocado mousse: low sugar, milk free and low GL pudding – delicious pudding also suitable for those on a low GL weight loss programme.

Milk/dairy-free smoothies or yoghurts   – for those who want to use lots of fresh fruit in their puddings and who are happy eating (ground) seeds. Way less dubious ingredients than a conventional yoghurt and twice as colourful.


Updated July 2020
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