This nutritional therapist’s favourite recipes


This nutritional therapist’s favourite recipes


As a nutritional therapist who is passionate about food and cooking I am often asked for my favourite nutritious and not-so-nutritious recipes. Well here are a few I couldn’t live without…!  They each offer a lot in the way of nutrition as well as taste and don’t worry many of them are do-able in under 30 minutes …


Lunch / dinner

BBC lentils squash and kale salad – lentils and kale are known to be a particularly nutritious combination, each making up in nutrients what the other lacks such as minerals and prebiotic nutrients.

Speedy supper: Pasta Puttanesca by Guardian’s Felicity Cloake for some Omega 3 rich nutrition.

Dodd’s anti-inflammatory kale butter with boiled eggs and rye bread, from Healthy Herts Sarah Dodd  – all the health benefits of kale and avocado in one tasty vegetarian lunch

Vegan friendly, easy sweet potato, coconut and lentil curry from Deliciously Ella – speedy recipe that is easy to batch cook, too.

Phyto-oestrogen rich recipes for women including some great chickpea and lentil recipes, some of which are also vegan friendly

Coconut rice – mmm!

Super fast, vegan supper – Pea, Cashew and Sesame quinoa  for when you’ve ran out of fresh vegetables…

Brazil nut and rocket pesto: Creamy, selenium zinc and copper-rich accompaniment to your favourite pasta which also provides vegan protein (Deliciously Ella)

… and not forgetting one of my favourite, nutritious foods… (surprise!) which is very versatile…

Also see my other favourite Omega 3 rich fish recipes.


Chocolate avocado mousse: low sugar, milk free and low GL pudding – delicious pudding also suitable for those on a low GL weight loss programme

Milk/dairy-free smoothies or yoghurts   – for those who want to use lots of fresh fruit in their puddings and who are happy eating (ground) seeds. Way less dubious ingredients than a conventional yoghurt and twice as colourful.


Updated March 2020
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