Dairy-free, low GL chocolate mousse

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Dairy-free, low GL chocolate mousse


If you’re looking for a tasty new pudding that’s easy-ish on the waistline, but doesn’t feel or look like it… but is also ‘good enough’ to serve to dinner guests, then look no further…

My weight-loss clients often seem to be happier to embrace the wholefoods options of savoury meals  and are often more cautious – some are plain embarrassed – about asking what puddings they might be allowed when I put them on a weight loss diet. I often hear questions, understandably, such as, ‘Am I allowed to eat eggs on this low GL diet?’ Answer – yes, but stick to maximum of 6 a week – they are good for you in so many ways, which is a whole other post. ‘Chocolate probably isn’t allowed… is it?’ The answer is also yes… Have some good quality ‘treats’ if you feel like them once in a while. Low GL diet is a wholesome way of eating and that doesn’t mean its exclusive of anything sweet. And plus, you can be clever about food to achieve what you want! Like using 0 GL eggs to make a light and fluffy dessert with just a small amount of chocolate. The diet industry has taught us to look out for ‘low calorie’ and ‘low fat’ puddings that ‘must be okay’, because they are branded as Weight-Watchers or similar … when it is very straightforward to use common household ingredients to make a homemade pudding, with no reconstituted skimmed milk, gelatine, palm oil or maltodextrin in sight…

Ingredients: (makes 4)
4 squares of dark chocolate
4 fresh eggs
Sprig of fresh mint and a few raspberries, to serve

An electric whisk is helpful…

Method: (Takes less than 10 mins if you have an electric whisk, longer if you’re using a hand whisk)

Its relatively simple… melt the  chocolate slowly over a pan of simmering water and then stir in the egg yolks, whisk the egg whites until they’re stiff and then just fold them into the chocolate / yolk mixture; pop the mixture into some ramekins and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours… and there you will have a rich and satisfying dessert.  NB: I have adapted Elizabeth David’s simple French style chocolate mousse recipe, and just used 1/3 of the suggested chocolate – yet you’d never know it!

A word about chocolate… even if you don’t like dark chocolate, use it in cooking as you probably won’t even notice and its a bit healthier. (And if you can get used to it, you’l eat a lot less of it than milk chocolate). It’s better for you as it contains less fats and sugar and more cocoa beans than milk chocolate, hence the 70% label, or 85% etc and let’s not forget those lovely antioxidants….. This also explains why milk chocolate tends to be cheaper – sugar is cheaper than cocoa beans…  As a rough guide, Lindt’s 70% chocolate is 70% cocoa beans and about 28% sugar whereas a Dairy Milk bar contains about double that in sugar alone, and contains only 20% or so cocoa, as well as other vegetable fats and other slightly unpleasant sounding bits and bobs you may or may not be aware of.

So how come I have a chocolate mousse on a weight-loss diet? Well, the GL of an egg is zero. (No more than 6 a week, mind). Add one square of dark, 70% chocolate and you have about 10g of chocolate and a GL per serving of about 3 GL’s, which is within your guidelines of 45 GL points a day. On a low GL diet you can typically have 10 GL points for each meal and 5 points a day each for 2 snacks and an optional 5 GL’s for a pudding. If you’re not dieting – you can always double up the chocolate, and you’ll still only have a 6 GL approx pudding.

Taste tests reveal that this chocolate mousse is also perfectly fine the next day, in case you want to make it in advance. Yum!

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