Recipes to support the menopause

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Recipes to support the menopause


Really enjoyed the talk at the Letchworth WiRE group this week; it was lovely to meet some new faces, and to discuss your own strategies for a healthy menopause.

Recipes …

Following on from my talk then, I have posted the links to some phyto-oestrogen friendly recipes for those seeking to incorporate some of the plant oestrogen foods into their diet, as its easier to see the links online rather than on a handout…

To reiterate then – phyto-oestrogens (or literally, plant oestrogens) can help to balance hormones, reduce hot flushes, protect against breast cancer AND against some of the xeno-oestrogens we read about these days, (plastics & pesticide nasties that can tox-up some of our foods).  All in all, excellent foods to be eating specifically during these times.


Phyto-Oestrogen Friendly Recipes

& a new one that wasn’t on the handout…


How to get enough calcium in the diet – meal suggestions

6 Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Menopause

Join a ‘Better Bones’ webinar

For more info on how nutrition can support a healthy hormone balance – see nutrition services


Good luck, and if you have any questions regarding eating healthily in your peri-menopause / menopause, or about balancing your hormones at other times of your life – nutrition can be helpful –  so please get in touch.

And don’t forget to start eating those flax seeds (linseeds).

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