2016 in nutrition and looking to 2017

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2016 in nutrition and looking to 2017


I’ve just been reflecting on the highlights of this last nutritional year and again it’s been a busy one…

Nutrition Research

The department of health has finally recommended that everyone has 10 mcg daily of Vitamin D. (The dosage is controversial – it’s considered too low in some circles – but it’s a step in the right direction). New research has come out regarding the links between vitamin D deficiency and conditions such as eczema, depression, bi-polar disorder, prenatal vitamin D deficiency and recurrent wheezing in children, gestational vitamin D deficiency and autistic traits in children; as well as ADHD, amongst other things. It’s a long list – if you’re interested, there is more information on the studies used on the Vitamin D Council’s website.

In between reading up on my new favourite topic, I’ve been enjoying lectures on other areas that have benefited from new studies and research which have included anti-ageing nutrition, the link between sleep and fibromyalgia and how mutations in the MTHFR gene can affect nutritional requirements, plus news on osteoporosis, food allergy, PCOS, autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). I’ve also met with my BANT colleagues for some really interesting supervision sessions so it’s been great to meet up with some new and old faces there.


My Clients
Meantime, I’ve been working on weight loss with some of my clients, and for one person on an unusual, low oxalate diet where brown rice is out and white rice is in…! Radical! There have also been low purine diets suitable for gout; meal plans for those with PCOS, newly vegan and pescatarian clients, as well as those previously diagnosed as lactose intolerant.

It’s been a very varied and interesting year and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the loveliest people. Some of them have had to work incredibly hard to overcome really troublesome health issues and who have come out the other side looking and feeling happier and healthier. Some still have a way to go.


My own Health Goals
Speaking of which… I have clients who are better than me at meal planning and who regularly surpass my number of daily steps – so I know I have some goals to work on too next year… In that vein, I’m really looking forward to starting some Personal Training with my colleague, Briony at Studio 180 in Letchworth.

Hopefully you also have some health goals for 2017? Let me know what they are and if you need nutritional therapy help to get there! This applies no matter what point you’re starting from – and that includes no matter how little you can cook or how little veg you eat now – it’s never too soon to start trying! Seize the day!

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