Nutrition highlights – Roast Chicken, Mango and Ginger Salad

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Nutrition highlights – Roast Chicken, Mango and Ginger Salad


India Marshall-Roads from Bedfordshire’s Bottle Bazaar’s Wine Club has asked me to give some nutrition information on the meals that accompany her weekly wine choice. This week its the turn of Nigel Slater’s Roast Chicken, Mango and Ginger Salad. This delicious recipe is really summery, the mango gives lots of colour and offers an array of health benefits.


Firstly, it has to be said this is a high sugar meal due to the fact that the mango portion is large per portion, as well as the added sugar. However, this portion of mango will give you a stack of nutrients including Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as a good portion of folate, fibre and Vitamin B6. Vitamin A plays a role in determining the tissues each of our cells develop into – so it’s especially important during embryonic development. A lack of Vitamin C may result in delayed wound healing and wrinkles, as Vit C is vital for the formation of collagen which provides the skin’s elasticity. By the way the lime juice here will also give you some Vitamin C…

The amount of fibre within the mango in this recipe is significant and useful for preventing constipation – especially where in this recipe you’re eating the equivalent of 1.5 mangoes, so about 8g of fibre per portion or about one third of your daily requirement.


There may only be a little ginger in this particular recipe but when eaten regularly its been shown to reduce inflammation leading to reduced pain in osteoarthritis. Ginger is also known for relieving nausea from pregnancy, chemotherapy and surgery and is used by many to reduce digestive discomfort. Ginger also appears to reduce cholesterol. I like it in a fresh tea.



Focusing for a moment on cucumbers – they don’t get much press do they – but the humble cucumber is actually an excellent source of Vitamin K which is useful for blood clotting, plus it’s a good source of molybdenum. Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral required throughout the body for multiple functions, including the metabolism of iron, and it’s also found in lentils. Vitamin B5 (or pantothenic acid) is used to make hormones like melatonin to aid the regulation of sleep. Cucumbers also contain an impressive sounding 73 phenolic compounds thought to reduce inflammation or have antioxidant activity.



Just a little word about parsley – it is an excellent source of Vitamin K and offers a little Vit C too.
As before – the chicken provides a solid amount of Protein, Vitamin B12, Selenium and Zinc.
Lastly the fish sauce makes this a high sodium meal
, so bear that in mind before you add any salt.



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I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about the nutrients that are present in your foods. Do contact me if you would like to know if you could improve your diet by eating more nutritious foods on a regular basis – it can be done! Here are some of my favourite nutritious recipes…

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