So what actually happens in a nutrition consultation..?

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So what actually happens in a nutrition consultation..?


Well if you’ve never had a consultation with a nutritional therapist, you may want to read on… My aim is to help you feel your best using science-based nutrition advice and ongoing coaching that is relevant for your body, mind, environment and lifestyle. I combine my knowledge of you – via the health form and consultation – with my nutrition experience and coaching. Together we work towards your better health…

So – what happens in a nutrition consultation?
Once we’ve agreed a suitable date I will see you at my nutrition clinic at Studio 180 in Letchworth. I may come and see you at home if you have small children and you live around Letchworth, Stevenage, Baldock, Stotfold, Hitchin, St Ippolyts, Graveley, Arlesey, Clothall or Weston. For those living further afield I can see you by via Skype, though preferably I will have met you first.

Before your 1st nutrition consultation
Prior to our first meeting you’ll have completed a detailed health questionnaire and 5 day food and drink diary for me to analyse your diet and nutritional requirements. This covers off all the basics regarding your medical history, medication, operations, ongoing health conditions both major and minor, as well as lots of info re you and your eating habits – so your food likes, loves and dislikes, cravings; your digestion, etc etc. The food diary is not about judgement – it helps me to see the whole ‘you’ and really informs our discussion and any nutrition approaches I may discuss with you. It enables me to review of what you are getting nutritionally – and what you’re not – relative to your health, exercise and other lifestyle needs.

During the consultation
We will discuss any items on your form that  need further clarification and then we move onto agreeing your specific nutrition and health goals.
I will explain how I think nutrition may be impacting your health, and what I can do to support you. I may refer you to a doctor for further testing or we may discuss any home testing, for example stool, food intolerance or other lab tests that may be helpful.

We will discuss my initial approach with regard to your lifestyle and cooking abilities to ensure that you can practically implement the planned changes. I may also suggest various nutrients as supplements, where appropriate.

After the Consultation
You will be sent your food and lifestyle plan along with any relevant and delicious recipes by email, in the week following your consult. A consultation lasts up to 90 minutes (£75) and a follow-up lasts between 45 & 60 minutes, (£50); a set of 3 appointments to include one initial consult and 2 follow-ups costs £160.

You will be supported throughout the process by ongoing email coaching for any burning questions you may have that won’t wait until your next consult.

Typically, clients see me between 2-3 times, depending on the nature of the health condition, usually about once a month, but everyone is different. For those clients with eating disorders – I may see you more frequently to best support you. In your follow-up consultation we discuss the original plan, and you update me on your progress, including what worked and what didn’t, and we consider together how to go forward.

Any and all information you share is completely confidential. Occasionally, if you agree and if I think it helpful I may request that I discuss your case, anonymously, with one of my BANT registered nutritional therapy colleagues.

If you’re looking to get healthier and eat better, get in touch and we can get started.


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